Aalto campus energy visualisation

We have developed a concept visualising energy production and consumption for the new Aalto University Metro Centre in Helsinki, as a part of the Values in Design course.

Our initial goal was to change behaviour, in other words, make the main users of the building consume less energy. However, after our research we discovered that most consumption of the metro centre comes from places where a little change in users’ behaviour would not affect the overall consumption. So we moved from changing behaviour to raising awareness, but also inform users in an efficient way, create a long-term solution, build a unique identity to Aalto University Metro centre, have transparency in the information provided and communicate in an easy and fun manner.



So we did the next logical thing and gave the Metro building a personality. It’s special features are a palette of different mood states, and a pure joy in telling others about them. The area at the main entrance is light up in a specific colour, and the projection on the wall is explaining what that each colour means.




For example: On a sunny morning in November in Helsinki, the building would have high production and low consumption compared to the estimate. That would make the building feel Optimistic, and the area would be lit up in a yellow colour. The projection on the wall would invite you to come closer, explain the colour yellow and the correlating mood, and in the last message tell you about why is it feeling like that in relation to energy resources and provide some constant changing context, to make interaction interesting for a long time to come.





With the huge variety of moods, colours and messages we hope to keep this project light and interesting, while explaining energy consumption and production on a very personal level.




The team: Yuri Fukamati  I Gaspar Mostafa  I Anna Pyyluoma  I  Sara Mlakar

Mentor: Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo

Valus in Design, Aalto, Helsinki, 2015