Foodbooth healty vending machines

Foodbooth is a concept for smart urban dwellers, normally lacking time or knowledge to eat healthy, but have the desire to give their body exactly what it needs and also want to be informed of their lack of nutrients.

This school project emerged from the question: How will street food look like in the future?


We live in a world where we are overloaded with information about healthy food and healthy life in general, but we don’t really have the time to constantly think about it.

Foodbooth is a relatively cheap and fast option that offers you a unique meal based on the current needs of your body.

The machine takes a drop of your blood (like with a glucose meter for diabetics) and analyses your level of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. The algorithm transforms the data and the machine prepares your food.


Foodbooth can also sync to any of your already existing fitness, diet, sleeping, hydration… apps that help you on the way to live a healthier life.


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Before we start developing the technology to make the analysis fast enough, we were interested if the local community would even be willing to use this vending machine. So we went on the streets of Ljubljana at the end of May to test our prototype.

Because of technical and financial restrictions we tested hair instead of blood samples and the meals we gave out were only smoothies.


The most interesting thing we found out was that every tested person though the idea could really function.



We presented the concept and our findings at the final exhibition at the Academy of Fine arts and Design in Ljubljana.







The team: Alex Tomc I  Blažka Jurjavčič I  Dorotea Škrabo I  Dorijan Šiško I  Nina Jančič I  Sara Mlakar

Mentors: prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda I  prof. Sašo Sedlaček I  Sara Božanič