Gender equality Bachelor project

Displayed below are 4 of the 8 advertisements that were a part of my Bachelor project about Photography in Social advertising. They show some of the situations and places where gender inequality can appear.

The theme and different areas of personal and professional life were adapted from the project Better balance of power between genders which is run by the Slovenian Ministry for work, family, social issues and equal opportunities.


photo_manipulacija_screen(Photo manipulation of how the advertisement would look in the local area.)


During political speeches of women, we are often more concentrated on what they are wearing then what they are saying. But that should not even be relevant!




Women at job interviews are sometimes still asked whether they are married, have kids or plan on having more. Often that is also the main criteria for the hire.




Children learn very quickly the gender roles they are supposed to play and pretty soon they notice that the saying: “You can be whatever you want.”, does not always apply.




If women don’t fit the visual stereotype of what she should look like, the society may in fact treat her differently, and in extreme cases even eliminate her completely.




cover2(Photo manipulation of how the advertisement would look in the local area.)


Mentor: Prof. Milan Pajk
Co-mentor: Prof. Ranko Novak
Academy of Fine arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
June, 2014